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Metric 2 Flute

Atlas Cutting Tools supply high quality combination drill and taps. The combination of a drill and tapping tool is a great way of combining two tools in one – they can save a lot of expense too. The combo drill and taps are used to create holes and cut threads in one – saving time and money.

The helical flute design of both the drill and tap allows for the holes to be drilled and threads cut at relatively high speed. Our combo drill and taps are self-centering. They eliminate center punching or center drilling, and they reduce the required feed rates.

To achieve optimal performance and extended tool life of the combination drill and tap; the use of suitable lubricating/cutting oils, or appropriate coolant fluids are recommended for most drilling and tapping operations.

Atlas Cutting Tools stocks a wide range of high quality combo drill and taps. Various sizes are available for both standard and metric flutes. All drill and taps we supply are made from high-speed steel (HSS) and are corrosion resistant and built to last.

HSS Combo drill and taps

The Atlas Cutting Tools’ combo drill and taps are made from High Speed Steel (HSS). This gives all our combo drill and taps great resistance to corrosion and wear-and-tear. 

Our standard and metric combination drill and taps are all manufactured to precision standards in the USA. All our products are also available with same day shipping at affordable prices too.

For general purpose, our high-speed steel combination drill and taps are suitable for drilling and tapping most materials. Suitable for both hand tapping and for use in production machines. These combo drill and taps achieve great accuracy in a wide range of material.

• High-speed steel (HSS)
• Combination drill & tap
23 different sizes
• Both standard and metric flutes.